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Graph tip - How can I make a bar/column graph that also shows the individual data points?

FAQ# 1352    Last Modified 22-March-2009

Prism 6 offers this an automatic option when selecting how to display your data for a Column graph type: 

If you've already selected a graph type, with your graph in view, click the (Change Graph Type)  button under the change toolbar to choose a different graph type.

Prism 5 and earlier versions doesn't let you make a graph with bars or columns and also show the individual data points as a scatter plot. There is an easy work around, however.

Make a column scatter plot of your data and tell Prism to draw a line at the mean. You can include error bars if you want.

Adjust the size of the graph and the range of the Y axis at this point. Once you are happy with the graph's look,  use Prism's drawing tools to draw lines from the mean line of each data group to the X axis.

These lines are not attached to the axis.  If you resize the graph or change the axis range, you'll need to move and stretch the lines into position.

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