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Prism 4 manuals and books

Prism 4 comes with this complete set of useful documentation.

A whole library of useful documentation is included with Prism 4.

  1. Fitting Models to Biological Data Using Linear and Nonlinear Regression (348 pages). If you have questions about curve fitting, this is the book to turn to. Because most statistics books omit nonlinear regression (a very important analysis for most life scientists), we decided to write our own book. Written for scientists, not mathematicians, this new book offers practical curve-fitting advice for biologists.
  2. Prism 4 User's Guide (176 pages).
  3. Prism 4 Statistics Guide (148 pages). Explains how to do statistical analyses (except regression) with Prism. Only about 10% of this book is specific to Prism. The rest explains statistical principles.
  4. Prism 4 Step-by-step Examples (206 pages). If you prefer to learn Prism by following tutorials, this is the book for you. It contains twenty complete examples, with lots of screen shots.

You may view these manuals and books as pdf files. Or you may install them onto your hard drive. Once you have done this, open them using commands on Prism's help menu or links in Prism's help file.

View pdf files in your web browser:

Regression bookStatistics GuideUser's GuideExamples Book

Note that you can also view individual step-by-step examples instead of the whole book.

Install all four manuals onto your hard drive. Download an installer for Windows or Macintosh.

You may then view individual manuals using commands on Prism's Help menu.