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"Exact" P values for multiple comparisons tests after ANOVA

The #1 suggestion we've heard from scientists to improve Prism 5.

The phrase "exact P value" can be interpreted in several ways, and Prism 6 offers two approaches.

DARC ScreenshotFollowing Bonferroni, Tukey or Dunnet multiple comparisons testing, Prism 6 can compute a multiplicity adjusted P value. For each comparison, this is the smallest significance level (applied to the entire family of comparisons) where this particular comparison would just barely be declared to be "statistically significant". An adjusted P value is an “exact P value” reported for each comparison. But the value of the adjusted P value depends on the number of comparisons you are making, and on the data for all the comparisons. 

The second approach Prism 6 uses to report "exact P values" is the unprotected Fishers Least Significant Difference (LSD)

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